The Customer

Self-builders span the age groups. Research by The National Self Build & Renovation Centre found 9% were under 35, 28% 35-44. 32% 45-55, 18% 55-64 and 13% 65+. Self-build homes are for first time buyers, families and retirees.

Reasons for choosing self-build include choice and control over design, choice over location, personal ambition and reward and saving money. 50% of self-builders have a budget of £150,000 to £300,000. Self-builders also tend to be ‘greener’ and seek homes with high levels of insulation.

Most self-builders choose to build in the countryside for lifestyle reasons and because there is a wide choice of suitable building plots. This is why Cottage Kit Homes focus on countryside homes.

Cottage Kit Homes attract other customer types too. The smaller cottages make ideal holiday homes and open up commercial opportunities in the self-catering sector for holiday park and hotel owners.