The Market

Although this business opportunity is primarily aimed at the self-build market, it is also open to builders and property developers who supply speculative housing in rural locations.

The potential for the self-build market is huge. In the UK self-build homes represent 7% of the new homes built compared to an average of 50% in the rest of Europe. Both Scottish and UK governments aim to increase the number of self-build homes.

On the Scottish Government website it says, ‘As set out in Homes Fit for the 21st Century, the Scottish Government is keen to encourage greater use of self-build across Scotland to help increase housing supply by developing a package of advice for potential self-builders. Self-build is particularly important to give people the opportunity to own a home and remain in their communities in many rural areas, and it also provides opportunities for households in other areas to choose the type of home they want and make sure it meets their needs.’

The Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP, Minister for Communities and Local Government, stated in February 2013, ‘For too long self-build homes have been seen as an option only for a privileged few. The government is committed to increasing housing supply and improving market stability and affordability by making self-build housing a mainstream option. This will help more people achieve their aspirations of owning a home.’ UK Government Policy on Self-Builders.