Design Ethos

Both planners and environmentalists seek to improve rural house design. The main considerations being building form and linear emphasis.

Building form is governed by layout, width and roof pitch. The Cottage Kit Homes concept generally avoids ‘L’ shaped, modern layouts in preference for a more traditional ‘T’ shape, offering widths between just 4.8m and 6.6m and a 45 degree roof pitch.

Linear emphasis is also governed by the roof. Low pitch roofs with projecting roof edges give a horizontal emphasis whereas a steeper roof pitch, without projections, gives a vertical emphasis. Likewise, windows which are greater in width than height generally give a horizontal emphasis, whilst windows which are narrower in width than height give a vertical emphasis.

A vertical emphasis is considered more traditional and appropriate in a rural location. Cottage Kit Homes meet all these criteria and have been met with considerable favour from planners.

Throughout the Cottage Kit Homes range you will see recurrent design features which allow us to take part of one cottage and combine it with part of another, so as to produce a totally different design.

Furthermore, all the Cottage Kit Homes designs can be extended in length to provide more space in any room, a utility or en-suite shower (where the design does not already offer such accommodation) or maybe additional storage space.

Finally, all Cottage Kit Homes can be flipped or mirrored to provide the correct orientation.

Space standards in some of the Cottage Kit Homes designs are somewhat restricted, to achieve traditional proportions. Consequently, built-in wardrobes, with sliding mirror doors, are provided as standard in most bedrooms. Features such as an open fire / chimney or stove / flue and an integral garage can be incorporated into any design.

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