Why Us?

Buying a new home is a big investment and potentially stressful, but at least you can see and know what you’re getting.  Building a new home requires an equally big investment, is potentially stressful and could be very risky, for the unwary. Unless you can read drawings and have vision, you can’t see what you’re getting. And, unless you use building professionals, you can’t be sure what you’re getting. It is far better to build a small house properly, than a big house badly.

Cottage Kit Homes are manufactured by Norscot Joinery Ltd a leading Scottish timber frame kit supplier to self-builders wishing to build in the countryside. The Cottage Kit Homes concept was born in 1984 since when more than 700 cottage kit homes have been supplied. Norscot is a full member of the Structural Timber Association (STA) (formerly the UK Timber Frame Association (UKTFA)), the trade association representing 85% of the UK timber frame manufacturers.

One of the STA’s main jobs is to promote higher standards through their Q-Mark quality scheme and training services. Q-Mark is a bespoke timber frame quality assurance scheme which aims to provide credibility and integrity which will give customers confidence in the service being provided.

Cottage Kit Homes are accredited with Q-Mark Plus, the advanced scheme representing the ‘gold standard’ for the industry. It incorporates both full ISO 9001:2008 certification and modules covering design, manufacture, product conformance and erection. It also ensures we maintain our position at the forefront of timber frame technology and operate to the highest professional standards.

Cottage Kit Homes are individually certified by an independent structural engineer and, in standard form, suitable for any UK mainland or island location.

To assist you in the planning process a computer aided design service is available through our in-house architectural team. We are willing to make alterations to the homes in our standard range and provide bespoke designs, to suit individual Customer requirements, at no extra cost.

We will also submit applications for planning and building warrant approval, on your behalf, free of charge, except for the statutory fees involved.  We aim to be flexible and save you as much worry and hassle as is possible.

Cottage Kit Homes are sold on a supply only basis, delivered to your site.  For those who seek complete peace of mind, we can offer an optional kit erection service.  If this service is employed experienced erectors will erect all the structural components and install the windows and external doors to a wind and watertight stage.  Not only do you benefit from us being totally responsible for the design, manufacture and erection of your house kit, you will not be charged VAT on the kit supply, thereby improving your cash flow. However, unless you are nearby travel and subsistence costs may not make this the most cost effective option. But, fear not, we provide comprehensive erection drawings and instructions which make the whole process very straightforward for a knowledgeable self-builder or their joiner.

To begin the process we need to establish your preferred Cottage Kit Homes design.  If you have not yet found a site this will be difficult because the final design will depend on the site location, topography and orientation. However, we have many years’ experience of house building and are happy to offer guidance and advice at any stage.

So, whatever your circumstances we are sure we can assist you. The sooner you contact us, the more assistance we can be. We look forward to hearing from you.

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