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All Cottage Kit Homes are single storey to ensure minimum impact on the countryside.

A single storey home also provides a safer and more convenient living environment. Safer in terms of escape in the case of fire and more convenient because there are no steps or stairs to negotiate.

In our view single storey homes are generally easier and cheaper to build. Easier because there are no issues with working at heights and cheaper because circulation space is minimised.

And, greener because they are easier to insulate and seal. Cottage Kit Homes come with our popular ‘EcoWall’ construction as standard and achieve a U-value of just 0.15 W/m2K.

Cottage Kit Homes are supplied with white PVCu windows, doors and roofline (fascias and soffits) as standard, for minimal maintenance. But, these are also available in other materials including woodgrain / coloured PVCu, timber and, in the case of windows and doors, aluminium clad timber.

Fitted wardrobes, with mirror doors, are provided in most bedrooms to maximise space and there is generous roof storage together with access hatch and telescopic ladder.

All internal partitions are non-loadbearing and can readily be moved to suit individual customer requirements. Also, the length of any kit / wing may be increased or decreased in 600mm increments.

The external finish of your Cottage Kit Home can be whatever you want it to be. Ideally, it will reflect local vernacular or otherwise be sympathetic to the surroundings of your site. Below we illustrate some of the most common combinations of wall and roof finish.

As you can see the same Cottage Kit Home appears completely different and the ability to use any external finish makes creating an individual design so much easier and adds kerb appeal.