Eaves & Verges (Roofline)

In standard form Cottage Kit Homes are supplied with white uPVC fascias and soffit boards and the eaves only project approximately 20mm beyond the external wall. Similarly, roof verges to gables are intended to be virtually flush and are usually finished with the dry verge units which come with the concrete tile and slate roof coverings.

Optionally, projecting eaves and verges can be specified. In this event a wider eaves soffit board is supplied. For the verges we supply a prefabricated timber gable ladder which projects beyond the external wall together with a white uPVC bargeboard and soffit board.

Fascias and bargeboards are offered in two style standard plain or optional ogee.

Although not obligatory, in most cases the roofline is specified in the same material / colour as the windows and external doors. A full range of options is available including timber and golden oak, rosewood and coloured PVC.