uPVC – The Facts

uPVC has many benefits which are much publicised, along with a few that aren’t quite so well known. Not enough people, for example, know that the average uPVC window or door frame can be recycled around ten times – effectively creating a window with a 400 year lifespan.

uPVC is one of the world’s most versatile and sustainable materials, it has been used for fabricating window and door frames since the 1960s. Over the past 15 years the use of uPVC windows and doors has grown dramatically and now over 85% of new and replacement window projects use uPVC, usually to replace timber framed windows and doors.

There are many reasons for this success, but the main one is the quality of the product. uPVC is a very durable and lightweight material that lends itself perfectly for use in window & door products.

  • Minimal maintenance – Homeowners don’t have to face the chore of endless sanding, painting and varnishing. uPVC simply needs the occasional wipe over with warm soapy water.
  • Stylish good looks – uPVC Fully sculptured and bevelled windows and doors are virtually indistinguishable from the finest timber frames, but entirely resistant to splitting, warping, rotting and insect attack.
  • Multiple colour options – VEKA uPVC windows and doors are available in a variety of colours inside and out, see below.
  • Impact and weather resistance – Impact-modified uPVC windows and doors can withstand the worst that the British weather can throw at them.
  • Strength and rigidity – All VEKA windows and doors offer exceptional strength and rigidity thanks to their innovative multi-chamber design and metal reinforcement.
  • Security – Top security features are built into VEKA’s window and door systems at the design stage, rather than bolted on as an afterthought.
  • Energy efficiency – VEKA’s was the first window system in the UK to be granted an ‘A’ on the BFRC rating system. They have now been granted the new ‘A+’ rating for exceptional energy efficiency.
  • Thermal properties – uPVC is a poor heat conductor, making it the ideal framing for double or triple glazed windows and doors.
  • Sound reduction – The installation of uPVC double glazed of triple glazed windows and doors will dramatically reduce noise generated by traffic, aircraft or noisy neighbours.
  • Longevity – Second generation uPVC windows and doors from VEKA will continue to look good and perform flawlessly for decades.
  • Fire safety – uPVC is non-toxic and meets all international health and safety regulations. It is inherently difficult to ignite and stops burning as soon as the source of heat is removed.
  • Value adding – uPVC products are seen by most homeowners as the most desirable and will add substantial value to your new home when it comes to selling it.
  • Environmental factors – VEKA was the world’s first systems company to recognise the importance of recycling uPVC windows and doors which they started in 1993.

 For lots more information on uPVC visit www.PVCaware.org