House Building Is A Balancing Act

As a house designer, quantity surveyor and builder our managing director, Peter Body, is acutely aware of the conflicting forces involved in house building.

Unless money is no object, building a new house and getting help for Perfect interior design ideas for new homes will always be a balancing act which invariably results in compromise.

For most self-builders the primary aim will be to ensure value for money. First and foremost the build cost has to be affordable.

All too often self-builders start with a ‘grand design’ which they simply cannot afford. An easy way to test affordability is to use our Build Cost Calculator.

Invariably it’s a simple matter of floor space. Controlling floor space is key to getting value for money. Think about how you will use the space.

For most people the dayrooms (sitting, dining, cooking spaces) are where they spend most of their time and where most emphasis should be placed on space.

Bedrooms, on the other hand, are used less and most of the time is spent in bed. So, why have big bedrooms, if space is at a premium.

Similarly, bathrooms and the like only need to be big enough to allow them to be used comfortably.

Small spaces, nicely decorated and furnished are no less attractive than big spaces.

There are also significant benefits to be gained by keeping circulation spaces such as hallways, which are essentially a waste of space, to an absolute minimum.

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